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Using Channel Drains to Prevent Hardscape Flooding

If your client has flooding near or on their hardscapes, consider installing a channel drain.

September 14, 2023

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Original article from NDS

Stormwater management is of the utmost importance to your clients to avoid costly damage and flooding. Channel drains are one way to collect water off driveways, patios, sports facilities, and more to direct water away from properties and into the proper discharge area. They are long, thin pipes with a grate over the top half to allow water to flow into the entire length of the drain, versus just one square drain. 

When you buy a channel drain kit, you’ll get both the drain and its necessary elements, which makes it easy for you to grab and go to the jobsite, with no need for a return trip to your branch. These should include channel drain grates, end caps, adapter rings, and grate screws. If working on projects that require more than one channel drain, purchasing kits may be more economical for your business. They can also save time for any expedited jobs.

Consider a channel drain with interlocking joints and channel sections to eliminate the need for couplings, like the NDS® 5 in. Pro Series Channel™ Drain Kit. You’ll want to find an option that has support ribs and a lay-flat design for durability and efficiency. 

Areas with curves, such as fountains, pools, walkways, and more, require different components to fit the space. Consider using channel drains with radius coupling, like the NDS Quik-Turn™ Deep Radius Coupling. This eliminates the need for measuring and sawing straight channels and reduces the risk of error while providing more flexibility. 

For questions or concerns about hardscape drainage needs, visit our Equipped for Drainage page or stop by your local SiteOne to chat with a branch associate. Check out our Learn page for more drainage articles.

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