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Efficiency Theme of Hardscapes North America Trends

Check out our recap of hardscapes industry trends from the last Hardscapes North America Show.

December 7, 2022

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Efficiency Theme of Hardscapes North America Trends


It’s not news that hardscape services are a growing area of opportunity for landscape contractors. Hardscape projects like paver patios segmented retaining walls water features fire pits walk ways driveways and built-in kitchens provide tools for commercial and residential customers to maximize every square foot of their living/working space. What has changed are the trends and tools available to hardscapes contractors. Below is our recap of hardscapes industry trends from the last Hardscapes North America Show:

Hardscapes Industry Trends:

  • Virtual reality (VR) visualization tools- VR has been an emerging technology for design architecture and real estate businesses for the last few years. Now that the costs of the technologies have come down suppliers are integrating VR tools into their landscape project planning services. Viewing 3D renderings in VR through tools like the Belgard Design Studio leads to happier clients and increased closure rates for contractors because customers can see the finished project before the first paver is physically laid; this helps minimize the sometimes gray area of translating design from 2D to reality.
  • Permeable pavers- Unique designs by suppliers like Belgard and their Aqualine Series Permeable Paver help manage runoff by allowing storm water to pass through the material and directly absorb into the ground or be gathered and recycled for irrigation. Contractors can expect to see supplier offerings expand as more and more consumers become interested in hardscaping materials that can help with water capture storage and reuse.
  • New paver textures and shapes- Gone are the days of only rectangular pavers. The myriad of hardscapes vendors at this year’s HNA show indicated consumers’ demand for eclectic paver design and texture options. Whether it’s the feel of cobble stone or eye-catching laying patterns paver design options are showing up everywhere and only limited by the designer’s imagination and project budget.
  • Ancillary systems- As components like water features and outdoor seating areas remain popular ancillary systems like outdoor audio and landscape lighting continue to expand. In the spirt of making tools more efficient contractors can also expect to see advancements in smart lighting and controls to help save customers time and money over the life of these systems.

Labor concerns and lack of knowledge can sometimes hamper contractors from adding hardscapes to their services lineup; however manufacturers are continually improving material options to reduce the expertise labor and time required to successfully complete hardscapes projects. If you’d like to learn more about entering the hardscapes market ask your local SiteOne branch associate about upcoming hardscapes SiteOne University trainings today.

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