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Fall Turf Renovation

Fall is the best time of year to recover cool-season turf after extreme summer stresses. Aerating, overseeding, and topdressing are all best practices when it comes to boosting turfgrass sustainability.

August 30, 2022

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Fall Turf Renovation

Be sure to care for your clients’ lawns during the fall season. It likely needs to be renovated after the high heat of summer. Renovations may look different depending on geography and turf type, but there are three key steps to revitalize turf.

Fall Seeding Renovation

Fall seeding is the best time to plant cool-season species like tall fescue, perennial ryegrass, fine fescues, and Kentucky bluegrass. In the fall, soil temperatures are warm and air temperatures begin to cool. This sets the stage for healthy establishment prior to the set in of winter and a new foundation for recovered turf the following year.

Select the right variety of seed for the best results. LESCO seed is a well-rounded choice due to its unique characteristics, including disease resistance, drought tolerance, color, density, durability, and overall turf performance. Don't forget to apply a good starter fertilizer with appropriate levels of NPK to aid in germination and strong root development.


A well-textured soil profile is necessary to achieve healthy turf. Aeration allows air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the soil.

Whether aeration should be part of fall turf renovation depends on the turf type. Cool-season varieties grow vigorously in the fall and recover quickly from the stress of aeration. Aerating cool-season grass in the fall will lead to stronger rejuvenated turf. On the other hand, warm-season varieties should be aerated during its rapid growth period in late spring or early summer.

Follow aeration with fertilization, preferably a starter fertilizer high in phosphorus. Phosphorus is essential to aid in establishment of new seed. The perforated soil will accept nutrients more easily and the turf will build a stronger root system. SiteOne carries LESCO Starter Fertilizers which are carefully chosen to mee the agronomic demands of the soil in your area. 

Consider using ride-on power equipment for these jobs to reduce labor costs. LESCO Pro-Aer Ride On Aerator combines overseeding and aerating into one step. This allows a processing rate up to two acres per hour.


To help your customers achieve the healthiest turf possible, supplement your fall fertilization regimen by topdressing with organic materials.

LESCO CarbonPro-G™ is a great product to consider as it maximizes plant health and nutrition by increasing root mass and aiding seed establishment. Field testing showed CarbonPro-G measured 50 times more effective than Humic 6%. Another benefit is that CarbonPro-G can be used during nutrient restriction periods and blackout application periods. It permanently improves soil structure and biology to create the perfect home for root establishment.

LESCO Moisture Manager™ is another tool for you to use in fall renovation jobs. Adding Moisture Manager to seed jobs assists the water retention through the germination process. 

To achieve beautiful and healthy yards plan a fall rejuvenation regimen for your customers' turf. Contact your local SiteOne branch for any questions about supplies or application. You can also order what you need for the job online or from our SiteOne mobile app.

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