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How to Sell Smart Controllers

Changing a customer’s irrigation controller to a SMART controller can save them up to 30% on water usage. Learn how to discuss upgrading with your clients.

February 2, 2024

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How Fertilizer Feeds Turf

Level up your customers’ irrigation systems with irrigation controllers from SiteOne® Landscape Supply. These smart, app-based controllers can be added to new irrigation systems or used to upgrade existing systems — offering customers even more control and up to 30% savings on water usage. Smart controllers also help take the guesswork out of irrigation by automatically adjusting schedules to accommodate factors like weather changes or specific plant needs, which helps save time and labor as well.

How to Sell Smart Controllers

Smart controllers can help customers save time, money, and energy. When discussing the option of adding smart controllers to a new installation or upgrading existing equipment, there are several key topics to address with customers:

Long-term savings.

  • While adding these irrigation controllers comes with an initial cost investment for the homeowner, learning how to sell them is an investment in the future of the business.
    1. Do the math: area x cost per gallon x number of gallons reduced = potential savings.
    2. Fewer callbacks resulting in reduced labor needs means additional time and cost savings, which is especially important during labor shortages.

Can be added to new systems or as an upsell to a customer.

  • The addition of smart controller systems can be helpful for both new and existing customers, offering unlimited growth opportunities for your own business.

Homeowners gain more control.

  • With smart controllers, users no longer need to worry about the system unnecessarily running when rainfall occurs.
  • Because they can be managed from your phone, these systems offer users much more convenience and flexibility.

National sustainability programs.

  • Irrigation businesses today are facing new challenges of meeting evolving state and national water usage restrictions.
  • Local and state agencies are increasingly mandating the use of water-saving products.
  • For example, all sprinkler spray bodies sold or manufactured in Vermont, California, Colorado, Hawaii or Maine must be WaterSense certified. 
  • SiteOne offers a wide variety of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency certified WaterSense products, designed to encourage water efficiency.

SiteOne Program Simplifies Controller Upgrades 

SiteOne’s Controller Upgrade Program helps simplify the process of upgrading existing customers to Wi-Fi enabled smart irrigation controllers. In addition to saving customers up to 30% in total water used to irrigate turf and plant materials, this program also benefits the environment by making it easy to recycle old units — keeping them out of landfills. 

With drop-off boxes located at most SiteOne branch locations, this program makes it as simple as possible to upgrade less efficient units to the current generation of smart and Wi-Fi enabled controllers. To take advantage of this program, contractors can simply bring in an old controller to receive a discount on a new smart Wi-Fi controller supplied by SiteOne OEM partners Rain Bird, Hunter, Toro or Irritrol. 

Learn more about upgrading wireless controllers, battery and solar-powered irrigation controllers and the future of two-wire systems to help take your customers’ business to the next level. 

You’re in Control, and We’re Here to Help

You have the tools to get the job done, but you need the know-how. SiteOne offers an exclusive combination of products, services and partnership that can help you grow your irrigation business. With essential resources and experts on standby, SiteOne can assist you in navigating the process of adding new smart controllers to new or existing customers’ irrigation businesses, including: 

1.    Irrigation courses through SiteOne University
2.    Skilled irrigation experts ready to answer any questions at your local branch. 
3.    Technical support from the manufacturers. 
4.    Extensive product inventory and availability at

SiteOne has done the legwork so you can equip your team to conquer new challenges and drive your business to the next level of irrigation with smart controllers. 

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