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Stormwater Management

Stormwater management can be a huge business opportunity for landscape contractors. Find out how you can capitalize on this overlooked service.

March 4, 2022

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Stormwater Management


Contractors who work on commercial properties know that stormwater regulations have been a part of the conversation for decades. But as water management becomes a higher priority for local communities and homeowners it's a topic contractors working in the residential space must consider.

Some industry experts estimate that 97% of all existing homes have a recognizable stormwater management issue but only 30% of those issues are addressed. This means a large business opportunity exists for landscape contractors to offer stormwater management services.

Getting into the business isn't difficult; however it's important to be knowledgeable. Many homeowners start stormwater management projects but most aren't completed for three reasons:

  1. The homeowner thinks the cost is too high.
  2. The homeowner thinks the contractor wasn't trained to do the work.
  3. The problem is ignored or perceived as solved because it stops raining

Here's what landscape contractors need to know to begin offering stormwater management services and address this significant customer need.

Understand What Projects Create a Stormwater Management NeedTypically any project that increases the impervious area of a landscape could trigger local stormwater management regulations. Know that any project that changes the landscape could also alter the existing water flow and create an opportunity for water management work. For ponding and erosion solutions, learn more here.

Know the Local Regulations
There are currently no federal regulations on residential stormwater management. Most if not all regulations exist at the local level. Check with your local issuing authority to ask about regulations regarding permeability.

Gain Knowledge
NDS, a leading supplier of water drainage solutions, offers an excellent video series on water management and that's a great place to start. Once you have a basic understanding SiteOne offers water management courses as part of SiteOne University available through local SiteOne stores. Courses are available in the off-season and come to you courses may be available to larger contractors. To learn how to expand your business with drainage, visit this section of our site to watch educational videos.

Prepare for the Busy Season
The busiest season for stormwater management aligns with a region's rainy season or spring thaw. This will vary depending on your area of the country. Contractors should consider adding water management to all their projects to eliminate unanticipated problems caused by improvements in the landscape. Stock up on supplies to ensure inventory and beat demand on products like the NDS Downspout Defender grate or pop-up emitters

Gear Up
One of the best parts about stormwater management services is that special tools aren't required. Most contractors already have what they need. Of course, excavators and trenching machines can speed up larger jobs, but this equipment can be rented at a reasonable cost. To learn more about runoff tools, read this corresponding article

To learn more about offering stormwater management services next season contact your local SiteOne representative or find your local SiteOne store using our location finder.

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