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Expediting the Bidding and Procurement Process for Landscapers

Our industry is getting hit hard with inventory and labor shortages on top of high demand. Continue reading for help managing your business through these challenges.

September 14, 2023

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Expediting the Bidding and Procurement Process for Landscapers

With pricing and inventory changing so quickly these days, it’s important to nail down a successful bidding and procurement process. The green industry is seeing high inflationary pressure, with pricing increases in raw materials. In response, there has been limited product availability and longer product lead times. COVID-19 related disruptions have also caused acute labor shortages. With equipment and driver shortages, freight has become more expensive, and shipping has largely been delayed. 

Moreover, extraordinary housing-related demand has magnified these issues. The good news, however, is that SiteOne has an array of tools that allow you to win more work and make money faster.   


    Our nursery sales associates work full-time to source products from 1,000+ farms spanning from Oregon to Florida. For a small fee, associates will source nursery items for you through our Nursery Direct program, saving time and money you can put back into your business.

    TIP: plan ahead so you’re prepared for your jobs as much as possible. Work with your local branch and let them know the projects you think are coming so they can best support you.

    Jobsite Delivery 
    While this tool may not be new to the industry, it is very helpful in saving time and labor. SiteOne has more trucks and locations than competitors, which increases the likelihood that you’ll get your supplies quicker and more consistently.

    TIP:  Sharing information with your customers is important so they’re aware of the industry constraints and know what to expect during the course of the project. With more communication, there’s less chance of unwanted surprises.

    SiteOne is confident in its competitive pricing with our Pro Price guarantee. You can find 24/7 live pricing once logged in on so you can complete your bids with confidence. Our website also shows where a product is available in your area. Order any day, anytime online, so you can stick to your schedule instead of running to a branch.

    We know how important product is to your business, so SiteOne is expediting product shipments from our suppliers.

    TIP: Utilize project takeoff services to save time and labor when building out a proposal.

    Our Project Services team can produce a custom property evaluation down to the square foot, so you know exactly how much product to order for agronomic applications. These evaluations can also calculate product usage such as mulch, seed, and fertilizer so you can be confident in order accuracy.

    If you need training on a new service, or want help diversifying your existing services menu, SiteOne is a great place to learn. We host over 20 industry leading SiteOne Universities a year, so there’s always a session near you. You can even use Partners Program points to pay for these. Additionally, if you just need a second opinion on a jobsite situation, whether it’s a future or current job, SiteOne is here to help. We have over 4,000 associates you can ask for recommendations or resources to assist with any jobsite challenge, from drainage issues to stubborn growing grass.

    SiteOne Support 
    Ask your local branch for more details about these tools so you can run your business more effectively through these unprecedented times. For more business development ideas, visit the Business Tips section of our website.

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