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Using Soil Conditioners in Sports Field Management

Sports field managers know the importance of good products on playing fields. Learn about the benefits of soil conditioners here.

December 22, 2022

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Sports Field Soil Conditioners

Infield conditioner helps keep appropriate moisture levels on baseball and softball fields. It also improves drainage and keeps surfaces playable, creating a consistent playing surface on the infield skin for sliding and fielding.

It is important to maintain moisture deep down in soil, which is why adding field conditioner to the infield helps. Field conditioners are mostly made from products like calcined clay and shale. This lets your infield maintain the proper amount of moisture for a longer period of time.

Benefits of Sports Field Conditioners

Using field conditioners increases and improves moisture on the field, which is of the utmost importance. Proper moisture takes time to perfect, and the conditioners make the biggest difference in this aspect.

Additionally, applying conditioner to the infield will create a softer playing surface, which is safer for players as they slide. If applied as a topdressing, field conditioners also prevent compaction. LESCO All Sport and Turface MVP are good products for this, as well as DuraEdge FairBall and Playball conditioners.

Field conditioner can also help create an aesthetically pleasing field. Teams take pride in their fields, and conditioners help fields look pristine. They can also come in different colors, so you can apply a logo with colored options to the playing field. The most common are red and brown calcined clay products to produce color.

Types of Sports Field Conditioners

Calcined clay is the most common material as it absorbs moisture and slowly releases it back into the soil. This is very popular for sports field managers as it manages moisture over a longer time period.

Calcined clay also aids moisture retention if sprinkled on top of the infield. This helps drainage and relieves compaction so the field can hold more water and still be playable, avoiding more rainouts.

Expanded shale is used as topdressing and allows water to drain through the product to the infield soil. It has a lower absorption volume than calcined clay. This makes a safe sliding surface for players.

Check out these options and benefits to find the right product for your management routine:

  • These options are popular choices as they work for sports fields and construction. The large particle size allows for better moisture control and resists compaction.
  • If you live in an area with high precipitation and drainage issues, these products may be a good fit for your facility. These products have fine particles, which helps eliminate standing water/puddles.
    • Turface Quick Dry (Note this does need to be removed after each use and should not be left on the field.)
    • LESCO Game Saver (This also needs to be removed after each use and should not be left on the field.)
    • DuraEdge ProDry (This does not need to be removed after use, which is an additional benefit.)

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