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Pest control expert walking with canister.

Ed's Pest Control

Ed’s Pest Control has been providing pest control services in Florida for over 42 years. The company is known for its strong commitment to servicing both residential and corporate accounts, which include single family homes, residential communities, business campuses, and more.  
Because Florida’s year-round temperate climate provides an ideal habitat for all kinds of pests, Ed’s Pest Control must use a variety of tactics and products to keep their clients critter-free. The company’s office manager, Courtney, uses the new to meet these unique challenges.
Courtney uses the new website to order the pesticides, fertilizers, and supplies they need to keep their operations running smoothly. “I use the Past Orders section the most - that’s the most important section to us. It helps us keep track of what we have purchased recently, and what we may need to reorder soon.”
Courtney also appreciates the convenience and speed of delivery. “We use delivery 95% of the time.” 
And her advice for SiteOne customers who haven’t taken advantage of the new website? “I would tell them to use it, it is very convenient.”
With 24/7 online ordering, a wide breadth of inventory, and an innovative customer experience, the new has everything your business needs to grow and succeed.