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How Do Different Weed Barriers Work?

  • Woven landscape fabric is a semi-permeable material made from linen or polypropylene. It’s designed to stop weeds from sprouting while still letting water and nutrients through for other plants.
  • Non-woven fabric is the least permeable material, allowing little to pass in either direction. However, its excellent strength offers stability beneath rock paths, gravel beds and paver stones.
  • Spun weed blocker fabric is made using layers of bonded polyester. The most durable option available, thinner spun fabrics are semi-permeable while thicker ones are impermeable.
  • Perforated weed mat has pre-cut holes for plants. While it’s inexpensive and lightweight, this option can limit layout options and is not suitable for high-traffic areas.

    Why Do You Want a Weed Barrier for Your Job Sites?

    Landscaping fabric is excellent for preventing weed growth underneath hardscapes and retaining walls. It also controls erosion in areas with heavy rainfall and can reduce mulch sinkage. Some people surround irrigation and drainage systems with weed blocker materials as well so roots don’t cause damage.

    How are Weed Barriers Kept in Place?

    Most installations involve placing mulch, paver stones, or other items on the weed fabric to hold it in place. Make sure to overlap the edges so weeds can’t creep through them. Special staples can also be placed along the edges and seams. SiteOne Landscape Supply will help you find the right landscape material to control weeds while letting client properties thrive. We offer wholesale garden fabric from the top manufacturers with on-site delivery or pick-up at a local branch.

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