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Penguin Lighting & Irrigation

Penguin Lighting and Irrigation offers full-service irrigation and lighting solutions for businesses and residences in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The company was founded by Giusseppe Baldi, a multi-certified landscape professional who brings over 17 years of industry experience to every project.
As a small business owner, Giusseppe depends on the new to keep him supplied with exactly what he needs, exactly when he needs it. “I normally don’t buy from anywhere other than SiteOne. I can see my own prices in real-time. I can look up anything I want and not have to call in to the local branch.”
Giusseppe especially appreciates the new website’s List feature. “I really like how you can build lists. I have a list called ‘irrigation install’ that has most of the stuff needed to build a system. It is efficient for me. I used to email SiteOne a project list, now I can save it in a list on the website.”
Giuseppe has a message for those who haven’t tried the new yet: “Do you like saving time? Do you like doing things in an easier way? Your order can be ready to go when you walk in the door. Time is money in our business.”
With 24/7 online ordering, a wide breadth of inventory, and an innovative customer experience, the new has everything your business needs to grow and succeed.