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Engagement and Development


We aspire to be a great place to work for all of our associates. Periodically, we administer Associate Engagement surveys to determine how we are doing in that mission. We review the survey results with all of our associates and seek their involvement in developing and executing action plans to continue our work place improvements.

We monitor associate satisfaction and aim to strengthen our pipeline of top talent by conducting talent reviews and succession planning for all critical roles in the organization.

We identify, communicate and utilize career development paths for key roles. This includes not only a path up for associates, but exposure to parallel roles across the organization.

Over 70% of our management level associates (grade 6 and above) were included in our annual Talent Review process where development plans and career growth opportunities are discussed with the highest levels of leadership.


Targeted Skill Development Training is designed around an associate’s development and career interests. Each certification program includes instructor-led training, online learning, in-field work and exit exams. Associates earn a base pay increase and other rewards when they earn these certifications:

  • SiteOne Irrigation Certification Program: Four-tier certification program to teach the core principles of irrigation up to mastery level.

  • SiteOne Agronomics Certification Program: Four-tier certification program to teach the core principles of agronomics up to mastery level.

  • SiteOne Lighting Certification Program: Single tier certification program including instructor-led training, online learning, in-field demo set up and exit exam.

Additional Learning Opportunities for Associates

  • Leadership training to help leaders understand their workplace style, the style of others and applying methods that align with our values.

  • 360 assessments with coaching on strengths and development needs.

  • Online learning licenses granted to associates with content including working on a new team, essential business software, becoming a new manager, project management, working remote and a host of other topics.

Leadership Academy

SiteOne Leadership Academy has been designed by SiteOne for SiteOne and incorporates the very best practices across all industries. Leadership Academy is comprised of three, three-day modules:

  • Building and Sustaining a Winning Team
  • Achieving Customer Service Excellence and World-Class Sales Growth
  • Achieving Operational and Financial Excellence

SiteOne University

We are proud to offer professional contractors and associates access to substantive training and informational seminars that will add directly to their bottom line. SiteOne University can help customers steer their business in the right – and profitable – direction.

On-Campus Recruiting

Thirty percent of graduating high school students do not attend college directly after high school. At SiteOne, we strive to build relationships with vocational and traditional high schools to hire students upon graduation. New graduates can grow a career and gain experience with SiteOne, providing for opportunities to cross train into different areas including operations, sales and management.