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Energy Conservation & Eco-Friendly Products

Environmental Impact of our Nursery Products

Our product offerings include a wide variety of nursery goods, including evergreen trees, ornamental trees and shade trees. A key “feature” of a tree is that trees sequester carbon – the process of removal and long-term storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) from our atmosphere.

The combination of CO2 removal from the atmosphere, carbon storage in wood and the cooling effect makes trees extremely efficient tools in fighting the greenhouse effect on our environment. Planting trees remains one of the most cost-effective means of drawing excess CO2 from the atmosphere.

In 2019, SiteOne sold approximately 772,900 trees. Based on an estimated 50 pounds per tree per year, these trees will sequester 19,322 tons of CO2 per year at maturity.

Smart Irrigation for Water Conservation

As the largest wholesale distributor of irrigation systems in the United States, SiteOne knows the importance of water conservation. The right to clean water is a fundamental human right for all of us.

We offer smarter irrigation devices and systems to help our customers conserve water and protect our environment, including:

  • Weather-based, remote access, flow- and moisture-sensing controllers
  • High-efficiency nozzles
  • Pressure regulating valve heads and emitters
  • Rainwater collection systems
  • Drip tubing irrigation systems
  • Artificial turf products
  • Moisture management technologies
  • Erosion control products

We will continue to work with our suppliers to introduce new eco-friendly products that benefit the environment and improve efficiency for our customers.

We are also proud to offer our customers a wide variety of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency certified WaterSense products. The WaterSense program is designed to encourage water efficiency by using a special label on consumer products. EPA statistics have shown that replacing a standard clock timer with a WaterSense-labeled irrigation controller can reduce an average home's irrigation water use by 15 percent and can save an average home nearly 7,600 gallons of water annually.

We assist our customers in identifying water savings for commercial and residential properties through the use of apps and other solution-based workbooks. We also utilize water conservation efforts at our own branch locations. Our on-site nurseries use recycled water sources for irrigation (using rainwater collection from on-site ponds, wells or other natural sources) as a supplement to municipal water sources whenever possible.

Innovative Agronomic Products and Organic Offerings

We have introduced new turf maintenance products under our LESCO® brand to help our customers maximize water and nutrient efficiency, improve soil conditions and minimize leaching of excess nitrogen into the surrounding environment. These products include industry leading slow-release nitrogen fertilizers, nutrient-optimizing soil amendment technology for improved soil conditions requiring less nitrogen, and moisture manager products to significantly reduce plant water consumption and improve overall plant health.

  • LESCO® NOS and NOS+ is formulated with dicyandiamide (DCD) infused stabilized nitrogen to reduce leaching and denitrification. By reducing nitrogen loss for up to 72 days, NOS delivers up to a 60 percent increase in nitrogen uptake by the turf. This allows for more of the product to be absorbed by the target species and less product to be wasted into groundwater and atmosphere.

  • LESCO® CarbonPro™ is a revolutionary nutrient-optimizing technology. Emphasizing the science of ‘plant-microbe interactions,’ LESCO CarbonPro harnesses the power of carbon-based soil amendments (beneficial humic and fulvic acid), kelp extract and microbial metabolites to maximize plant health and nutrition and reduce water requirements.

In addition, we offer about 150 organic fertilizer SKUs to our customers. Our organic fertility lines have seen a CAGR growth rate of 6.5 percent since 2018. We expect to eclipse one million bags of organic fertilizer sales in 2020.

SiteOne is proud to be an active member of the Irrigation Association® (IA), a leading organization of landscape professionals dedicated to promoting efficient irrigation technologies, products and services. IA works to establish and promote best practices for effective water management, benchmarks for irrigation products and applications, and advocates for sound policies for the conservation of our water supplies.

SiteOne is a leading member of RISE (Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment®), a national trade association representing manufacturers, formulators, distributors and other Green Industry leaders promoting the safe use of fertilizer and pest management solutions to protect health and safety as well as enhance quality of life and the environment. RISE focuses its efforts on education and awareness activities as well as communication with policymakers and regulators to ensure proper use and application of pesticides.

Innovative, Environmentally Friendly Landscape Lighting Technology

SiteOne is at the forefront of promoting innovative, environmentally friendly landscape lighting technologies, shifting the focus from traditional halogen and incandescent technologies to LED lighting and low-voltage systems. LED and low-voltage landscape lighting products use substantially less electricity than conventional and high (line) voltage products. These products are also significantly longer lasting, easier to install and maintain, and safer for use. The result of our efforts is evident with our Pro-Trade® lighting line of products, which utilize LED and low-voltage technology. We continue to evaluate new energy efficient products and will partner with our suppliers to bring these products to the market.

Even our packaging for our Pro-Trade® line is designed with sustainability in mind to minimize waste, including the use of recyclable materials.

SiteOne is a leader for change in the agronomics industry, providing solutions that are more efficient, longer lasting and better for the environment. After all, lawn turf is one of the largest crops in the United States, so it is critical that we offer solutions that allow us to care for our lawn while being responsible about our use of water and other natural resources.