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Add Landscape Lighting and Outdoor Audio as an Additional Service for Next Season

Landscape lighting and outdoor audio installations are a growing trend and can be a revenue-generator for landscape contractors.

December 7, 2022

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Add Landscape Lighting and Outdoor Audio as an Additional Service for Next Season


Landscape lighting and outdoor audio installations are growing at a faster rate than even the traditional irrigation and hardscape categories so if you’re thinking about adding an additional service to your lineup for next season these are two areas for serious consideration.

Overall landscape lighting is easy to install has a high customer satisfaction rate and is a great lead generator because it serves as a lighted advertisement for your work every night. Outdoor audio is another new and rapidly growing category that pairs well with lighting installation. There are substantial opportunities in each of these areas because of the low penetration rate. Fewer than 10% of all existing single family detached homes have landscape lighting and fewer than 2% have outdoor audio. It’s worth noting the audio offering now available is far superior to the “speaker rocks” which may come to mind.

What do you need to know to get started?

  1. Get Quality Installation Training. It’s important to have some level of professional training. Lighting and outdoor audio installations are easy for pros but homeowners and novices find it challenging. Like irrigation installation both landscape lighting and outdoor audio systems are low voltage so the safety risks are less than with traditional voltage installations. However some markets do require a licensed electrician to finalize the installation but that isn’t common and shouldn’t deter you from entering the market. Investing time and energy in quality training upfront will pay off in terms of work quality and confidence.
  2. Develop Brand and Product Expertise. Get comfortable with the brands and styles best suited for your local area and the type of work you’re offering. SiteOne can connect you with top vendors and provide local expertise to help understand how to select the right product for the job.
  3. Grow Local. Some consider lighting an art form where you paint your canvas with light. Being able to highlight the key attributes of someone’s home is critical to the homeowner’s satisfaction and subsequent referrals. Trees bushes gables columns pathways dormers and outdoor living spaces are all important focus areas of the palette to consider illuminating. SiteOne can help you develop a better understanding of this concept which will help you grow. Remember it’s light to see not to see by.
  4. Set Appropriate Spec and Pricing. As a contractor understanding what the homeowner wants is vital and will allow you to offer the right product at the right price. How you price your services will depend on a number of factors but landscape lighting has a healthy margin. Outdoor audio is also a rapidly growing new category with tremendous revenue and profit opportunities.

SiteOne Landscape Supply can help at every stage of the process. Local and regional trainings on landscape lighting and outdoor audio installation are available through SiteOne University and your local SiteOne stores. Our representatives can even coordinate one-on-one training with top contractors who are interested in pursuing these services as an additional revenue stream.

In addition SiteOne offers a breadth of product from all of the top lighting manufacturers including the top colors and styles to meet your job-specific needs. Finally our expert staff members are here to assist you by answering questions and providing expert counsel on products and installation.

To learn more about how you can get into the landscape lighting and outdoor audio business find your nearest SiteOne branch or contact your local representative.

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