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Selecting a Contractor

Your Blueprint for Building a Great Landscape

If you are considering landscape improvements or renovations, the first person you should talk to is a professional contractor. Licensed and trained, the contractor is knowledgeable about local electrical and plumbing codes, and the installation of backflow prevention devices to protect your drinking water supply. He or she knows and installs professional grade products, and can help you decide which irrigation, lighting, or water gardening system will work best on your site.

Important Considerations

Before making recommendations, a professional contractor will review important factors: water source and pressure, soil type, planting materials, weather conditions, and safety and security issues. The contractor will also make certain the system is installed quickly, and with minimum disruption to existing foliage. He or she will explain your new system to you and show you how everything works. Professionally installed, your new landscape features will operate with water efficiency, and will be warranted for workmanship and materials.

Questions to Ask a Professional Contractor

Professional contractors are glad to provide you with a list of satisfied homeowners they have worked for. The contractor will also encourage you to ask questions. Most homeowners want to know exactly what they will be getting. Here's some of what you should ask:

  • Does the contractor have a valid license/certification?
  • Does he or she have proof of liability insurance?
  • What permits will be required?
  • What type of products will be used and why?
  • Is after-sale service provided?
  • What are the product warranties?
  • Request a list of satisfied customers.

Customer Information

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