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How and Why to Use Benda Board

To create a perfect border for any area in the landscape, consider Benda Board®.

September 18, 2023

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Benda Board® is a modern take on the traditional bender board. This versatile border material bends easily into any shape, creating a crisp boarder along any path.

Previously made from natural wood, Benda Board is made exclusively from a recycled, high-density polyethylene. Not only does this durable border fit into any landscape design, but creates a distinct separation to highlight specific areas within the yard.

What is Benda Board and why you should use it
While Benda Board serves as a nice partition between the yard itself and landscape beds or hardscaping, it also has a variety of benefits that make it easy-to-use.

A highly durable product, Benda Board won’t decompose like borders made from natural wood. It’s also resistant to splintering, breaking and insects.

Made from lightweight plastic, this highly versatile material can be bent into any shape. You can use Benda Board anywhere, whether it’s along the curvy edge of a flower bed or landscaped area, as a circle around trees or for the border of a garden path. It can be used when installing both synthetic turf and pouring concrete as well.

Benda Board is an ideal tool to create distinction between yard features without having to compromise the aesthetic.

Benda Board vs other landscape border materials
There are a variety of materials out there that work as a landscape border, and while some offer up a more natural look, Benda Board often stands out thanks to its affordability and ease of installation.

  • When it comes to brick borders, it’s often difficult to create the same curves Benda Board does easily. It takes a seasoned professional to achieve a curvy look with brick, but Benda Board is easy to bend and install.
  • Stone and boulder borders mean a lot of heavy lifting. It’s also sometimes hard to get them to line up in a way that feels natural. Boulders are also pretty heavy and can be challenging to relocate within the landscape if necessary.
  • Concrete can create an elaborate border, but its installation is often time-consuming and a bit complex. It’s also pretty permanent, making it difficult to change your landscape design.
  • Metal can be less flexible and requires speciality tools for cutting.

Benda Board curves effortlessly where most of these materials won’t. It’s also lightweight and easy to cut. No special tools are needed at any point in the installation process.

How to install Benda Board
When thinking about Benda Board installation, it’s good to note that the thiner the strip, the easier it will bend. This means thinking about how curvy the path is you’re lining with Benda Board. Less curves can mean a thicker board will work; more curves may need a thiner border.

Before installation, make sure to lay your Benda Board in the sun for a few hours. This allows the material to loosen up a little so it’s easier to use. While this is happening, dig a shallow trench along the path of your border. Then, lay the Benda Board in and level it.

Next, you’ll need to insert plastic stakes to hold the curves in place. The stakes will primarily go on the inside of the border to secure a curve, however you may need to place a few on the outside in order to maintain the right shape. Each stake should be secured to the edging board with two screws.

Once the Benda Board is in place, don’t forget to fill in the area on either side with your preferred mulch, soil, sod or synthetic turf.

Where to use Benda Board
Ideal places where you can use Benda Board include:

  • Garden paths
  • Tree wells
  • Flower Beds
  • Landscape edges
  • Patio borders
  • Hardscape areas
  • Small yard features
  • Synthetic turf borders
  • Framing a concrete pour

You can install Benda Board anywhere you need a nicely curved border. It’s a versatile product whether you’re working on a landscaped area or creating a hardscape outdoor spot.

Get all your Benda Board questions answered
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