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Managing Winter Turf Injury

Harsh winter conditions can take their toll on your golf course.  Learn more about these helpful turf colorants and visual aids from LESCO® to reduce the effects of snow and ice.

March 25, 2019

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Harsh winter conditions like snow and ice often cause turf damage, while dry weather and freezing temperatures can delay spring transition from dormant to green turf.

Many golf course superintendents and professional turf managers have used synthetic covers, anti-desiccant sprays, and heavy sand topdressing to offset winter injury and speed spring green-up.

A cost-effective addition to your management program are LESCO turf colorant products such as LESCO Green and LESCO Tracker SPF. University research shows that turf treated with permanent turf colorants absorbs more solar radiation in the winter and spring. This elevates soil and surface temperatures, creating a more desirable microclimate.


Applying LESCO Green can decrease turf winter injury and promote rapid spring green-up, while instantly adding a healthy, natural-looking color. LESCO Green leaves a thin coating on the leaf surface to promote adhesion of the colorant and helps protect against winter desiccation. The dark green color will persist under snow cover and when exposed to sunlight during the spring thaw, it will supplement turf canopy warm up which leads to faster green-up. In a tank mix combination, follow the fungicide manufacturer's recommended application and volume rates and adjust the amount of LESCO Green into the final mix solution to achieve the desired color.


Tracker SPF is an advanced visual aid that helps ensure uniform spray applications of winter disease protectants. It produces a visible green color that outlasts temporary marking dyes. LESCO Tracker SPF is compatible with brand-quality fungicides and produces a long-lasting, natural-looking green color.

LESCO turf colorant products give you confidence that your turf has received the protection it needs to handle the adverse effects of a long, cold winter by providing:

- Faster Spring Transition
- Enhanced Turf Growth
- Improved Turf Quality
- Uniform Spray Applications