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Prepare Your Team for Success with a New Hire Checklist for Irrigation

Ensure your employees’ success from the beginning with this irrigation system overview and new hire checklist.

March 15, 2022

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Prepare Your Team for Success with a New Hire Checklist for Irrigation

A company can only be as successful as its team of employees, and it all begins with the right training and “know-how” from the start. SiteOne Landscape Supply is here to help, offering an exclusive combination of products, services and partnership that can assist you in growing your irrigation business, and your team. With these irrigation tools and tips top of mind, you can rest easy knowing that your team has the foundation and knowledge needed to take every project from beginning to completion.

Irrigation Systems Overview

Whether someone is just getting started in the business or has been working in the industry for some time, we recommend including an overview of the main components of an irrigation system to better understand where things go and how it all works together.

Here is an overview of the general components and some helpful reminders to include as part of your team’s new hire training:


  • Programmed to send commands to the valve to signal when it’s time to open or close.
  • There are different types of irrigation controllers, with many new smart controllers allowing you to manage systems without a site visit — via your smartphone and a Wi-Fi connection at the site.
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  • Centrifugal and jet pipes
  • Submersible pumps
  • Gas-powered pumps
  • Hand and manual pumps
  • Sewage, sump and effluent pumps

Wires and Wire Connectors



  • PVC
  • Poly
  • Swing and flex pipe
  • Copper
  • HDPE
  • Galvanized


Valve Boxes


  • Plastic
  • Lids
  • Concrete
  • Steel
  • Composite


  •  Available to turn a basic system into a smart irrigation system.
  • Rain or soil moisture sensors can be added to prevent overwatering or watering when unnecessary.

Master Valves

  • Placed before any zone valves. In the event of a water line break or an irrigation valve that won’t close, the master valve will shut off the water supply to prevent wasted water.

Zone Valves

  • Activates irrigation for a specific set of sprinklers or emitters.

Check Valves

  • Allows water to only flow in one direction.
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Backflow Prevention Devices

  • Help prevent backflow caused by a downstream pressure that is greater than the supply pressure or by negative pressure (a vacuum).
  • When nonpotable water or other substances flow through a cross-connection and into the piping of a public water system or consumer's potable water system, it is called backflow.
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  • Available in many sizes and configurations. Specialty irrigation fittings are available to finish your system installation.
  • Most slip joint fittings require primer and cement to hold.


  • There are many emitters on any given system, including spray emitters, drip emitters and bubblers, but the emitter flow rate should be consistent.
  • Depending on the design and landscape needs, there are different emitters to choose from.

Drip Emitters

  • Make sure the plant gets the correct amount of water with the right drip emitter, which applies water closer to the root zone. 
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Fixed Spray Heads

  • Spray a fan-shaped pattern of water.
  • Nozzles can make the spray pattern a full circle, half circle, quarter circle, etc. 
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Rotary Heads

  • Deliver water more uniformly and at a lower precipitation rate, reducing runoff.
  • Apply larger water drops to reduce misting.

You’re in Control, and We’re Here to Help

Take advantage of SiteOne’s unique training opportunities through SiteOne University, which provides the training and knowledge to take your company to the next level and give you a competitive edge in your market. 

Innovation in the irrigation industry is expanding fast, and SiteOne wants to ensure your team always has the most up-to-date information, tools and training to be as successful as possible. With so many resources and training opportunities right at your fingertips, there’s no reason to hold back from expanding your team and setting your business up for success — and SiteOne is here to help along the way.

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