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SiteOne Celebrates OSHA Safe and Sound Week

SiteOne celebrates OSHA Safe and Sound Week with artwork submissions from the children in our associates' lives.

December 9, 2022

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SiteOne Celebrates OSHA Safe and Sound Week


Each year the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) hosts Safe and Sound Week: a nationwide event to help raise awareness of organizational health and safety programs and their importance to individuals across organizations from leadership to worker participation.

Those in the green industry are not only presented with safety challenges from equipment and activity but also from nature and the outdoor settings encountered daily. Safe working practices and procedures are paramount to ensure employees return safely to their families at the end of the day.

This year SiteOne hosted an internal contest for the children in their associates’ lives to submit artwork depicting what it means for their friend or family member to be safe at work. After an impressive number of creative responses a panel of judges selected the following grand prize winners and runners up to receive a prize and have their artwork printed in a safety calendar for each branch location.

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who participated. The hope is that these efforts coupled with other safety initiatives throughout the year will keep the importance of safety and precautionary practices top of mind for SiteOne employees as well as customers. Visit OSHA’s website to learn more about the OSHA-sponsored Safe and Sound Week events across the country.

Visit your local SiteOne branch to stock up on the latest ANSI Certified personal protective equipment. You can also sign up for the SiteOne email list for updates and tips to help keep your crews OSHA- compliant throughout the year.

SiteOne Safety Counts Art Contest Winners

5 and under: Seatbelt Safety by Wesley F.

6-9 year olds: Safety at work: safety vest hard hat and boots= safely at home by Presley P.

10-13 year olds: Don’t get hurt! Be alert in the dirt! by Karaline S.

Safety Counts Runners Up:

This is my Daddy in his Safety Vest at Work so he Doesn’t Hurt Himself by Elli P.

Taking me Home by Alexandra B.

Dress Safe for Work like Daddy by JW S.

Family First by Brook B.

Be Safe for your Family by Benjamin L.

Safety= Teamwork by Lainey Kate M.

I am safe so Daddy can play with Me by Mia O.

Safety in the Office! By Riley C.

Lend a Helping Hand by Caitlin H.

Safety is our Policy! By Isabella M.

Always be Aware of your Surroundings! By Alexa N.

Safety at SiteOne Means Getting home Safe by Jacob R.

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