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Building a Strong Labor Force

Whether you’re looking to grow and expand your business or trying to get back on your feet after a difficult year, understanding industry trends can provide guidance when making the best decisions for your business.

September 14, 2023

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Building a Strong Labor Force

According to the 2021 Green Industry Outlook survey published by Irrigation & Green Industry, the most common barriers impacting business growth today include labor shortage (33%), economic conditions (16%) and insurance and labor costs (12%). Even more noteworthy, approximately 64% of respondants reported that there are not enough qualified workers. Labor shortage is a significant concern among many trades, and labor continues to be the largest expense and biggest obstacle for the green industry. To help combat this issue, SiteOne offers guidance and tips for you to consider.    

Locating Qualified Workers 

When creating or adding to your team, it’s important to locate employees with the professional skills and identify training needed. Of course, the first step to finding the right person for the job is by looking in the right places. While you can follow the more traditional route of classified advertising, there are other ways to find the most qualified workers available, including:

  • Making current employees aware of all job openings with detailed job qualifications, time frame and salary range.
  • Following up on recommendations from peers in the industry.
  • Advertising through local community and landscape professional associations.
  • Checking with the Irrigation Association and local contractor associations, which often sponsor training programs, or local colleges offering courses in irrigation systems, design, horticulture, turf grass management, etc. for recommendations.

Adjusting To Industry Trends 

In addition to labor shortages, 2020 and 2021 brought other new challenges to the landscape and green industry. According to the Irrigation & Green Industry Magazine survey, 36% of contractors felt that COVID-19 heavily impacted overall business growth, and 41% applied for additional loans in 2020 for assistance during the pandemic. In addition, more homeowners than ever have become interested in creating or updating their outdoor living spaces because they are spending much more time at home. This put sudden strain on the industry, as well as associated materials and resources. 

Part of being successful and building a strong labor force means ensuring your team is willing and able to adjust to industry trends or sudden changes, which may cause an increase in demand or strain on resources.  As you search for answers, tips, and best practices to navigate labor issues in the green industry, SiteOne is here to help. While we can’t solve the issues directly, we can provide the guidance and insight needed to make the best choices for your business and help you build a strong labor force.  

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