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How to Make Holiday Lighting Installations Efficient

Starting to install holiday lighting, but getting strung up in the little details? Read our guide for some pointers.

October 2, 2023

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Original article written by Seasonal Source

While every contractor has their tricks to make installations go smoothly, here are some tips that may help expediate your holiday lighting jobs. 

Planning Process
Your planning process should go step by step. Start by talking to your client. What decorative style are they looking for? How much décor do they want? 

Once you’ve got the basics down, you can create the job’s layout and crew plan. With that, you can work up a product list and see what you have on hand versus what you need to purchase. 

Be sure to identify tools needed for the installation before the crew arrives so you know how to provide power for the different elements of the job. Identify non-power tools needed as well, such as lifts, ladders, pliers, and more so you can keep the crew on task. 

Prep Work
After ensuring the plans are set, assign jobs to crew members in advance and train them if needed on their tasks before heading to the jobsite. Have the crew follow the below list:

  • Have someone test the product before arriving at the site, especially if any product is being reused. 
  • Ball lighting strands prior to the installation as well. 
    • Start balling with the female end inside to make sure male end is at the end of the ball and ready to be plugged in before rolling it out. 
  • Bring a few extras strands, bulbs, clips, wire, etc. in case you run out or something breaks to ensure no one will have to run out and buy more that day. 
  • Check to ensure all noted tools and products are loaded in the truck. 

Holiday lighting installations are unique in that there is a delayed second job in taking down the materials. Make things simple for next year by labeling and storing the products used by the jobsite and feature. For example, you could write “Job 283: Deer Valley Residence – Tree 1, Tree 2, roofline, specialty lighting, etc.” It may be helpful to also mark the wire of the roofline lights, so you know what sections match the different rooflines. Consider labeling these with notes like “Peak 1” or “Gutter 2” for quicker future installs. 

If your customer is storing the product, consider reminding them to leave it in a place where you can access it or pick it up in advance the following year. 

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