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Helpful Hints for Spreading

Follow these helpful hints for properly applying turf care products using a spreader.

December 7, 2022

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Helpful Hints for Spreading


Spreading is one of the most routine practices of turf maintenance. Applying too much or too little product can harm plants the environment and your bottom line. With each and every application follow the tips below to maximize plant health while using only the fertilizer and pesticide necessary.

  • Read and follow all package directions on the label before you spread any product.
  • SiteOne Landscape Supply recommends that you apply LESCO products through a broadcast (rotary) spreader.
  • The spreader settings listed on LESCO bags are to be used as a guideline. The age of your spreader your walking speed and weather need to be considered before you start the job.
  • Before filling the hopper make sure the on/off control on your spreader is firmly in the off position.
  • After you have filled the hopper dispose of the product bag. Do not re-use product bags for other purposes.
  • Do not over-apply product. Determine how may square feet of lawn you are going to treat before spreading any product.
  • Once the hopper is filled the spreader should be moving before you turn the spreader on and before you turn the spreader off.
  • Always check the delivery rate and pattern on a small area before treating entire lawn.
  • When applying weed control (pre- or post-emergent combination or any control products) keep product away from landscape plantings.

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