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Helpful Holiday Lighting Selling Points

Need to drum up business as autumn begins to end? Sell holiday lighting services to existing customers and get instant demos for new customers.

December 7, 2023

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If you’re thinking about ways to build business as the fall season starts to slow down, consider adding holiday lighting as a service. Need selling points? See SiteOne’s tips below. 

1. Custom Design:
When it comes to purchasing and installing outdoor holiday lighting and décor, options can be limited for homeowners. As a professional installer, you have access to more holiday products and are therefore able to really assist a homeowner in creating their holiday oasis dreams. When discussing the job, ensure you remember to bring up your lighting design skills and customization capabilities. 

2. Installation and Removal:
Getting on roofs, installing, and removing lights, and doing electrical work can be complex and a safety hazard for those who are inexperienced. Show your customers that as a professional, you can complete an installation safely, so they don’t have to worry about doing it themselves.

3. Storage:
Storing holiday décor can be a hassle. Lights can get tangled, bulbs can break, things can get lost, and a frequent homeowner complaint is not having enough space. Consider offering storage options to your customers so they can save space and can rest assured that their decorations will be in good condition year after year. 

4. High Quality:
Customers need dependable lighting. SiteOne’s holiday lighting suppliers’ products promise sophistication, innovation, and quality. 

5. Holiday Ready:
Customers can focus on their other obligations instead of outdoor holiday décor, which is a huge time saver during the season. They can enjoy their beautiful outdoor living spaces knowing they’re ready for the season to ring in bright and cheery.

Brighten Your Bottom Line

Selling holiday lighting and décor brings in extra profits at a high margin. Additionally, you’ll be able to upsell these services to your regular clients during the fall season to prepare for the winter season. Once neighbors see your customized design, you can gain referrals.

Visit your local SiteOne for more information on about how to get started in holiday lighting today. Associates are available to answer any questions. You can also shop online or on the SiteOne mobile app in our holiday lighting section.  

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