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Increase Profits by Selling Smart Irrigation Systems

Want to learn how to make more money selling efficient irrigation systems? Here are some tips.

September 14, 2023

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Within the competitive market of landscaping, it’s always important to find ways to set yourself apart. Playing into the trends and ideals already attracting consumers to products can really help you decide what to leverage.

One area that concerns many today is the environment, and one product area that’s ‘hot’ is smart systems. You can hit both points by offering smart irrigation systems.

Many Americans are concerned about water scarcity. 74% of respondents in a recent survey agreed we need to do more to conserve water. Additionally, according to a recent press release, 69% of homes in the United States own at least one smart home product.

Being able to use technology that people want, that also helps conserve water can make a smart irrigation system an easy sell, as long as you hit the right points in your sales pitch.

Address water waste in the yard

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, watering an average sized lawn for only 20 minutes every day for a week uses the same amount of water as taking more than 800 showers. That’s one year’s worth of showers for an average family.

The reason why? As much as 50% of the water used outdoors is lost due to wind, evaporation, and runoff.

Highlighting the waste that can result from many irrigation systems, and then offering a more efficient solution, is a great way to show your concern for the environment, while tapping into the feelings of your customers.

Break down the smart components of an updated irrigation system

Smart irrigation systems work more efficiently because all the components contribute something. 

The control system can make a significant impact because it connects the irrigation system to Wi-Fi making the whole system easier to control and adjust. Features of a smart irrigation controller usually include the ability to modify watering schedules remotely, make localized weather and seasonal adjustments to prevent overwatering, and allow users to run different programs. Some, like the Rain Bird ESP-Me 4 Station even has a rain sensor that overrides scheduled watering programs.

The other key component to a smart irrigation system is the spray heads. They may all look relatively the same to a customer, but updated spray heads provide high-efficiency features that reduce water pressure and flow rate in order to help save water. Discuss the different components within a spray head that benefits customers, such as pressure regulators, flow restriction devices, and check valves. These features save water and money while protecting the irrigation system from costly damage. This will allow you to highlight your expertise in the area while demonstrating why a smart irrigation system is more than just technologically smart.

Sensors, valves, and more all contribute to a smart irrigation system. Make sure you’re getting the right supplies to ensure efficient water use and check out SiteOne’s complete irrigation solutions.

Share about long-term savings

After talking about the environmental benefits and how system components differ, it’s time to share some information about the cost savings. While they may feel the upfront price of the install is a little steep, you need to use your expertise to help them understand that a reliable system like this will help save money in the long-run.

A smart irrigation system can save users anywhere from 20-50% on their water bill, especially at the height of summer. If working in an arid climate, where sprinklers are on more frequently, the savings can increase. So, even given an upfront install cost, as soon as a smart irrigation system takes over the care of the yard, overall costs will go down (and they’re saving water.)

Loop in the convenience of smart technology

The final piece to your pitch should focus on technology. Having an irrigation system that is easy to control and monitor brings all the benefits of the system together. Smart systems make it easy to check water usage and system performance. 

Visit your local branch if you have any questions or need supplies for the job ahead, or shop online or in the SiteOne mobile app.

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