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SiteOne associates and partners share their expertise straight from the jobsite to help you maximize results and make your job easier.



Deer Resistant Shrubs

Customers frustrated with deer eating the foliage on their property? Check out these less appetizing plant options you can suggest as alternatives.


Using Drip Line Indicators

Irrigation drip line is a great tool in a landscape, but it can be difficult to spot problem areas since it's installed underground.


Castle Collection Patio Packs

SiteOne's Castle Collection is durable, reliable, and affordable.


Deer Resistant Flowers

During the summer season, deer can be a big nuisance. Consider these flower options that deer tend to avoid eating.

Attracting Hummingbirds

Want to attract hummingbirds and other pollinators? Consider these tips when planning your garden.

Beneficial Insects in Landscapes

Learn which plants to use to attract beneficial insects and keep them around for an organic pest management option.

Low Maintenance Plants

Tips on how to create aesthetically pleasing outdoor living spaces, without the maintenance hassle.


Castle Collection Patio Packs

SiteOne's Castle Collection is durable, reliable, and affordable.

Level Up Your Stone Veneer Installations

Use these best practices to keep your veneer impeccably spaced for picture-perfect results.

Walkway Lighting Installation Best Practices

Hunter/FX Luminaire and The Grow Group walk you through best practices on walkway lighting installation and spacing.

Identifying and Solving Drainage Challenges

Most common stormwater and drainage problems are easy to spot when you know what to look for.


Adding Flow Sensors to Irrigation Systems

Increase profits while you save customers money by installing flow sensors to irrigation systems.

Using Smart Controls in Irrigation Systems

Smart controllers are a solid choice for your business, your customers, and the environment.

Using Wireless Rain Sensors on Irrigation Jobs

Shawn from SiteOne walks you through pairing a rain sensor to a system and why they're important to have on site.

Helpful Tools for Irrigation Installation

Drip irrigation installation can be tedious. Different products like fit-ins and emitter tools will save you time and frustration.


Featured Field Guide Products

If you're looking for field-tested products that work has hard as you do, check out our list of products featured in the Field Guide videos.
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