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Job Line Credit through SiteOne

Keep jobs going without delay.

Job line credit is additional credit granted for specific projects that is separate from a customer's house credit line. Get a larger credit limit without affecting your house account, so the job can continue without wasted time. Plus, get the added benefit of SiteOne taking over if there’s any difficulty receiving payment— which rarely happens.

Watch the video to learn more.

Job Line Request

Job Line Benefits

  • Larger credit limit per project
  • Help receiving payment
  • Can track expenses to the specific job
  • Easier to do multiple jobs at once
  • Focus on the job, not the bills

What’s Included

  • Materials installed on the jobsite only
  • No tools or consumable products*

How To Set Up

  1. Complete a SiteOne credit application- if you don’t already have a SiteOne account
  2. Request a Job Line here
  3. Provide payment bond with the jobline for publicly owned projects

Once a job line is approved, a sub-account will be set up and purchasing may begin. At the start of each project, SiteOne will send a preliminary Notice of Furnishing to all parties involved through certified mail. It asserts SiteOne's right as the material supplier on the project to file a bond claim or lien, if necessary, against the bond or property owner.

Please note: The preliminary Notice of Furnishings is not a lien, it’s just a notice, required by the state when we create a job line credit. We recommend explaining this to the property owner and general contractor ahead of time to avoid any unnecessary stress.

Let SiteOne do all the paperwork so you can focus on the job – not the bills.

Apply for a SiteOne Job Line today.

Job Line Request

*All tools and consumables are billed to the customer’s house account.

Please Note: Job Line Form is for SiteOne East Coast regions only. West Coast customers can contact for assistance with a job line credit set-up.

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