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SiteOne Environmental Policy



We are considerate of the impact on the environment when we make operational decisions, and we are pleased that many of our supply chain initiatives have had a positive impact on the environment.
Some of the steps we have taken within our supply chain which have improved our operational efficiency while also benefiting the environment and improving the safety of our associates are:
  • Established distribution centers across the U.S., which has substantially reduced the number of deliveries from our carriers and vendors to our branch locations and allowed for consolidation of shipments across our supply chain, thereby reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Through our supply chain optimization efforts, we are able to convert thousands of parcel and LTL shipments every week into full truckloads from our suppliers to our distribution centers and to our branch locations.
  • Installed telematics systems in our commercial vehicles, which allows us to track and improve driving behavior and encourage safer driving while optimizing vehicle performance, including more efficient fuel consumption and reduced emissions.
Energy Conservation
  • As the largest wholesale distributor of irrigation systems in the United States, SiteOne knows the importance of water conservation. We offer smarter irrigation devices and systems, including weather-based and moisture-sensing controllers, high-efficiency nozzles and rain water collection basins, drip tubing irrigation systems, artificial turf products, moisture management technologies and erosion control products, all of which help our customers to conserve water and protect our environment.  
  • Another way that we help our customers and support water conservation is to assist our customers in identifying rebates that may be available in their area for utilizing water saving irrigation devices. We also utilize water conservation efforts at our own branch locations. For example, at our on-site nurseries, we utilize recycled water sources for irrigation (using rainwater collection from on-site ponds, wells or other natural sources) as a supplement to municipal water sources, whenever possible.  
  • We also offer highly efficient lighting products, including LED light bulbs and fixtures as well as low-voltage landscape lighting products, which use substantially less electricity than conventional and high (line) voltage products. LED and low-voltage products are also longer lasting, easier to install and maintain, and are safer for use.