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Supplier Code of Conduct


The SiteOne Supplier Code of Conduct sets forth the expectations we have for our suppliers – to operate their businesses in accordance with SiteOne’s Vision and DNA. The SiteOne Vision and DNA reflect our expectations for the conduct of our company’s business. We encourage our suppliers to conduct their businesses in the same manner and consistent with their core values.
Our goal is for SiteOne and our suppliers to be identified as best-in-class companies in our industry. Our suppliers are expected to uphold the human rights of workers, to treat them with dignity and respect, and to conduct responsible business operations with integrity and our SiteOne Supplier Agreement, our standard contractual agreement for our suppliers, requires compliance with all applicable laws. The purpose of the Supplier Code of Conduct is to provide general principles to follow to ensure that each of our suppliers acts responsibly and to promote compliance with applicable governmental law, rules, and regulations.
SiteOne Vision

  1. Be a great place to work for our associates.
  2. Deliver superior quality, service and value to our customers.
  3. Be the distributor of choice for our suppliers.
  4. Achieve industry-leading financial performance and growth for our shareholders.
  5. Be a good neighbor in our communities.
SiteOne DNA
We take personal responsibility for our safety and for the safety of others.
We are passionate about making our customers successful.
We quickly adapt best practices to drive growth and deliver world-class results.
We respect and support each other and put team first.
We do everything with quality and integrity...never cutting corners.
We recruit, develop, mentor and retain the best people.
We think and act like owners, and leverage SiteOne’s resources to succeed.
We have fun serving our customers, being the best and winning.
Doing Business the Right Way – Compliance with Laws
Consistent with our Vision and DNA, SiteOne believes in the importance of “doing business the right way” and we expect that our suppliers share this view.  Obeying the law, both in letter and in spirit, is the foundation on which our ethical standards are built. It is each supplier’s responsibility to know the laws and regulations adopted in their respective states or provinces and communities applicable to their business. All of our suppliers, their respective directors, officers, managers, and employees should respect and obey the applicable laws, including laws pertaining to environmental protection.  
Human Rights 
Respect for human rights is a fundamental principle for SiteOne.  Suppliers that choose to work with SiteOne are expected to embody the same principle. This Supplier Code of Conduct was created to comply with the following guiding philosophies set forth by the SiteOne Human Rights Policy:
  1. Our associates are our most important asset; therefore, we must endeavor to provide a safe working environment, together with ongoing training and awareness, to ensure that all of our associates return home safely at the end of each day.
  2. We respect each other, regardless of nationality, race, sex, or anything that makes each human being unique.
  3. We comply with all applicable laws, including employment laws and regulations, in all jurisdictions in which we operate and we expect our suppliers to do the same.
  4. We respect the environment in all communities in which we operate.
Consistent with our Human Rights Policy, compliance with this Supplier Code of Conduct ensures that all persons involved with the manufacturing of products that SiteOne distributes adhere to the laws and regulations prohibiting human trafficking, slavery, bonded or indentured labor, forced labor, child labor, prison labor, non-payment of minimum wages, overtime pay, rest periods and holidays, and freedom of association. Suppliers shall adhere to the minimum employment age limit defined by national law or regulation.
Health and Safety
Each of our associates has the right to a safe and healthy work environment.  Our suppliers are expected to obey all health and safety laws and regulations, including but not limited to, occupational safety, emergency preparedness, security, risk information, occupational injury and illness, industrial chemical and biological control and protection, and safe machinery use.  
Respect for the Environment and Sustainability
SiteOne recognizes that respect for the environment and sustainability is integral to being a world-class company. The use of resources, product storage, waste disposal, and many other processes can cause adverse effects on the community, environment, and natural resources. These adverse effects should be minimized by our suppliers to safeguard the health and safety of its employees, the public, and our communities generally. SiteOne encourages each of our suppliers to preserve natural resources and structure operational activities, whenever possible, to minimize or avoid harmful environmental impacts.  We also encourage our suppliers to seek to continuously improve their products with the goal of making them more environmentally friendly. 
Our suppliers should uphold the highest standards of ethics, including business integrity, zero tolerance for bribery, corruption, extortion and embezzlement, undue or improper advantage, disclosure of confidential information, falsification of records or misrepresentation of conditions or practices in the supply chain, respect of intellectual property, fair business, advertising and competition standards, privacy of personal information of everyone they do business with, and no retaliation against personnel who raise or report concerns.
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
The U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act prohibits the giving of anything of value, directly or indirectly, to officials of foreign governments or foreign political candidates in order to obtain or retain business. Illegal payments to government officials of any country are strictly prohibited. In addition, the U.S. government has a number of laws and regulations restricting business gratuities which may be accepted by U.S. government personnel. The promise, offer, or delivery to an official of the U.S. government of a gift, favor or other gratuity is a violation of these rules and may not only violate company policy but may also be a criminal offense. State and local governments, as well as foreign governments, may have similar rules. SiteOne expects full compliance by each of its suppliers with these laws.
Gift Policy
The purpose of business entertainment and gifts in a commercial setting is to create good will and to further working relationships. Suppliers are prohibited from providing or offering gifts, including gifts of cash or cash equivalents, that are excessive or that could inappropriately influence SiteOne’s business decisions or gain an unfair advantage.
Verification and Compliance
SiteOne reserves the right to verify compliance with the standards of this Supplier Code of Conduct with each of our suppliers in any form that we choose, including completion of a questionnaire or an audit by SiteOne or a third party.  SiteOne expects our suppliers to provide complete and accurate information, including access to documentation and records.  In addition, SiteOne expects our suppliers to disclose any restrictions that may be imposed on the import or export of their products or services.  SiteOne reserves the right to terminate any business relationship with any supplier that does not comply with this code of conduct.
Suppliers should report to SiteOne any fact or circumstance which they know has resulted or will result in a violation of this code of conduct. It is the policy of SiteOne and our expectation of suppliers not to permit retaliation for a person’s good faith report of questionable behavior and/or misconduct by another. Any supplier may direct questions or comments about this Supplier Code of Conduct or report any violations to his or her SiteOne Category Management representative.