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Find Answers When it Matters Most

Anyone who's ever been stumped by a question or problem knows: when you need to get the job done, the right answer can be a lifesaver. With decades of industry experience, the experts at SiteOne have the in-depth knowledge you need to deliver healthier plants and turf, build great landscapes and run a successful business.

Irrigation (21)


Improve Your Landscapes With New Irrigation Techniques

You dont have to be a control freak to appreciate new irrigation technologies like WiFi enabled systems. Here is how to put these innovations to work giving customers unprecedented control over their turf and helping your business grow.

Enhancing Smart Irrigation Through Spray Technology

Updated spray head offerings typically include high efficiency features such as pressure regulators flow restriction devices and check valves. Read on for a description of these important components and the benefits for customers.

Happy Customers Pay More

Save homeowners money in the long run by installing better products like pressure regulated spray heads.

How to Complete an Irrigation Audit

Irrigation audits are a deep dive into the efficacy of customers’ irrigation systems. This can help you properly identify issues and recommend exact solutions.

Increase Profits by Selling Smart Irrigation Systems

Want to learn how to make more money selling efficient irrigation systems? Here are some tips.

How to Glue PVC Pipe

Follow these 19 steps on cutting and setting PVC pipe during your next project.

Turf Care (26)


How Fertilizer Feeds Turf

If you’re a turf care professional, you know what N-P-K is. But did you know that there’s an often overlooked, secondary group of micronutrients? Learn more about these secret powerhouses and how they keep turf healthy and growing.

Helpful Hints for Spreading

Follow these helpful hints for properly applying turf care products using a spreader.

Find Income During A Drought

Savvy turf care professionals can find a silver lining even in a drought. Want in on their secret? Follow these quick and easy tips to generate income when temperatures are high and water is in short supply.

Feast or Famine Feeding

Learn how fertilizers solve the feast or famine problem to produce turf that is healthier stronger and more disease tolerant.

Cool and Warm Season Grasses

Grass is grass, right? Nope. Not even close. As any landscape pro worth his or her salt already knows, every turf species has its own unique requirements. Consult this article as a reference for which turf to plant when.

Managing Turf Drought

From proper irrigation to mowing to fertilization here are some helpful ways to manage drought that can help protect plants while conserving water.

Lighting (9)


Lighting Types and Design Tips

Learn more about the basics of lighting design.

Introduction to Outdoor Lighting

Consider adding outdoor lighting as an additional service.

Essential Tools for Landscape Lighting Installation

Before you dive into lighting installation it’s important to have the proper tools to get the job done while keeping you and your crews safe.

Add Landscape Lighting and Outdoor Audio as an Additional Service for Next Season

Landscape lighting and outdoor audio installations are a growing trend and can be a revenue-generator for landscape contractors.

Why You Should Use a Landscape Lighting Demo Kit

Outdoor lighting opens a different revenue stream and can be an easy way to upsell. Read more on the benefits of conducting outdoor lighting demos with SiteOne.

Do Customers Need Lighting?

The questions and strategies outlined here can help green industry professionals overcome the most common client objections to landscape lighting.

Hardscapes & Outdoor Living (10)


Efficiency Theme of Hardscapes North America Trends

Check out our recap of hardscapes industry trends from the last Hardscapes North America Show.

Grow Your Business by Adding Hardscape Services

New technologies can allow your landscape company to begin offering hardscape services with minimal training and without hiring new personnel.

Efficiency Tools for Hardscaping Jobs

If you’re just starting out in hardscapes or need a refresher on helpful tools for the jobsite, take a look at this list of our favorite tools.

Using Channel Drains to Prevent Hardscape Flooding

If your client has flooding near or on their hardscapes, consider installing a channel drain.

The Pros of Porcelain Tile in Landscaping Projects

Porcelain is gaining popularity due to its many benefits. Watch the video to learn more about how this hardscaping product can help save your customers time and money while maintaining their outdoor spaces’ aesthetics.

Benefits of Permeable Pavers

Elevate customer satisfaction and aid stormwater management systems by installing permeable pavers.

Business Tips (22)


Account Information on

Need to check your SiteOne account information? Simply check on

How to Check Out on

Take a brief walk-through of the checkout experience on

Creating Lists on

Did you know you can create lists on to keep business efficient?

Personalized Pricing and Inventory on

Did you know you can see personalized pricing with a account?

How to Create a Account

Having a account offers you many free benefits.

Customer Service

Satisfied customers mean everything to your business. Here are a few tips to keep your customers happy and create repeat and referral business.

Tools Equipment & Safety (4)


Selecting Winter Equipment and Ice Melt

Prep for the snowy season and ensure your equipment is up to date. Stock up with LESCO equipment and ice melt.

Ear Protection Tips

Smart contractors know the importance of hearing protection. Ensure you and your team are staying safe with these simple tips.

Keeping Tools in Shape

The state of your tools can either help or hurt you in the landscaping business. Learn how to make your tools last season after season.

Keeping Landscape Crews Safe on Jobsites During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The green industry is adjusting operations at every level to keep crews, customers, and the public safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Nursery (8)


How to Identify Boxwood Blight

While boxwoods are typically a low maintenance plant, ensure you provide maintenance checks in your services as they can quickly become diseased with blight.

Planning Plant Purchases

With these helpful tips from SiteOne you can ensure your nursery order for trees and shrubs is fulfilled on time.

Fall Bulb Planting Tips

Bulbs are an excellent choice for public gardens, parks, golf courses, municipalities, and any landscape design. Use the following tips from our nursery experts to ensure your bulbs have the best chance at an impressive spring.

How to Prune Correctly and Mistakes to Avoid

Pruning practices can make or break a tree’s appearance and health. Be sure to follow best practices when doing tree maintenance for customers.

Keep Boxwood Blight Out of Your Landscapes with Distylium

Looking for a boxwood alternative? Look no further – try Distylium.

Planting Success Guide

While plants are beautiful, the many different options, planting schedules, and care can be overwhelming. SiteOne is here to break it down for you, step by step.

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